Privacy Policy and Cookies

This Privacy Policy outlines how Amanda Stockley Photography collects, uses, maintains and shares information gathered from users of and all other interaction concerning data exchanged with Amanda Stockley Photography, currently operating as a sole trader.

Generally most of my clients are small to large businesses, however from time to time I will be hired by individuals, so in order to be GDPR ready I've put this policy together.

Cookie Policy

Essential Cookies

The website will collect information to help improve your user experience. These cookies will remember previous sessions on the website and will aim to ensure the site functions best.

Analytic Cookies

This website uses Google Analytics who have been working hard to become fully GDPR compliant by May 25th 2018. It uses Cookies to analyse how the site is used and how it performs. It will track what locations visitors come from and what devices they are using.

If you want to remove previously-stored Cookies, you can manually delete the Cookies at any time. The help section of your browser will point you in the right direction. This may cause some aspects of the site to not operate properly.

What information we collect

When you contact me to make an enquiry regarding video or photography work, which is mostly received by email, you will be providing me with personal information necessary to carry out this work. This includes name, email address, phone number as well as any information you volunteer that might be pertinent to the job.

How we use your personal information

Communication is important at every stage of a photography or film project, from preparation to delivery and this is impossible without a way of getting in touch.

As my work involves working with people we might share personal information about one another, which I can assure you is only part of having an engage between two humans and  not part of some plan to sell all your details to a scary corporation.

I have no plans to start sending you newsletters and spamming your inbox, however I might pop you the occasional email such as on Christmas or to share some information with you that you might find of value. Mostly I’d rather people follow me on social media so you can see what I’m up to.

Does an image of you count as personal data?

At present the Law makers are not actually 100% sure about how this affects photographers, however it should be clear that if I am capturing your likeness it is because I was hired to do so by yourself or agency. It is rare that your image with have any other personal data attached to it to identify you.

I will endeavour to seek permission before sharing your image on my website or social media and before passing on the any third party making requests for your image.

Sharing Personal information

If you have arranged to work with me, it may be appropriate to share contact information on a call sheet for a photography or film shoot so that colleague can contact you relating to the shoot, this is standard practise.

I would not share your personal information outside of it being relevant to the work.

Storage of your data

If you make an enquiry and become a client, your information will be stored on a password protected email server. I will delete data from enquirers who do not turn into clients.

Keeping your personal information

We will hang onto your personal information and may contact you from time to time. At any time you can request to have this data removed from my systems. Until then your data is kept on a secure system.

Your rights

Under law you have the right to know what data I collect on you and allow you access to this information. You have the right to request that incomplete or inaccurate information is corrected. You have the right for your information to be removed when we have no use for it.

If any of this in unclear, feel free to contact me.